Doruk Kolonya


About us


Established in 1979 by Aydın ARIĞ as an individual business and starting production with the Founding Partner Miktat BALTA, Doruk Cologne became a corporate company in 1991.

Thanks to its experience since 1979, it operates in various fields of the cosmetics industry.

Doruk Cologne facilities, which have a closed area of 1800 m2 used for production, filling and storage purposes, are produced with modern equipment, equipment and machines in an environment suitable for hygienic conditions with experienced, trained and expert personnel. Aiming productions for the benefit of human and society since its establishment, Doruk Cologne aims to provide the best possible quality service under the best conditions by following the technology.

Doruk Cologne, which forces quotas with many sales points in the country, continues its foreign market sales and production, which started with exports to Middle Eastern countries.


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