It is known that Vaseline, which has a wide usage area, is very beneficial for the skin. First, in 1870, a chemist named Cheesebrough made Vaseline by first burning his own skin with acid or fire, and then applying this ointment to the burning part by showing how the wound healed. Although Vaseline was first put on the market as a cream that was good for abrasions, burns and cuts, today Vaseline has not been found to have a proven medicinal effect. Despite this, it is known that it accelerates the healing process by protecting the wound from germs and moisture.

It protects the skin from the drying effect of cold weather and sun and keeps the skin moist throughout the day. Although it is widely used on the skin and lips, it has long lasting effects depending on the quality of petroleum you use. The freshness, softness and moisture your body needs are provided with Vaseline.

DORUK Vaseline, which can be used safely in summer and winter, is produced in three varieties and is offered to the consumer at the highest quality level by using Pharma Grade Vaseline.

Pursuing simplicity with our fragrance and color free variety; Containing plain Vaseline and beautiful Isparta roses, keeping the freshness of the rose with its rose scent; Vaseline Rose, which processes the restorative of olive oil with oils made from the extracts of our country’s rich trees; Our Vaseline Olive Oil varieties are offered to our consumers.

Doruk Vaseline, which gives a natural shine with the moisture it gives, will be the choice of your skin and lips.